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R a m p a n t by Zyrra-Chylde-Aisha R a m p a n t by Zyrra-Chylde-Aisha
I found a really sweet looking concept art pic of Cortana on Google while looking for some stock images.. ~squeak117 and I had a small contest going on between one another to see who could do a better job of a poster or something (the final product-to-be was never really decided lol), and sadly the contest DIED *shakes fist* Squeak tuckered out and went to bed.
I still didn't want to leave the stock images to waste so off I went to Photoshop to construct some kind of... SOMETHING!!!

Several hours later (when did Squeak go to bed..?) I come back with this.
I really like this, though there HAS to be some way to compress the .gif and not lose too much of the quality.. that's why the file is so goddamn big.. there are over 100 frames used in this to make the transitions between the colours in the back and foreground. It's a pity that I need millions of frames to make transitions slow.. This still isn't as slow as I would have liked, but over 100 frames and a file size FAR TOO BIG made me stop at what I had, finalize it and leave it at that.

I really liked these two images and when I fiddled a little they made for a nice combo so I worked with it a little (2 hours ugh..) and I think the final product is pretty snazzy.
I apologise for the MASSIVE FILE SIZE. I don't know how to compress it unfortunately.

Stock Images:
[link] - Cortana Concept Art
[link] -

Cortana (c) Bungie Studios
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October 10, 2007
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